Finchingfield bridgeSay No to a New Finchingfield Pond Bridge

The Liberal Democrats are campaigning to preserve the charming beauty of Finchingfield village - by opposing the Conservative-led Essex County Council's plans to build a second bridge over the duck pond.

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The Finchingfield Village has long been an Essex tourist attraction, regarded as the quintessential picturesque British village. Central to this is the village pond and it's old bridge. However in recent years, heavier traffic has taken a toll, damaging the single-track bridge and nearby buildings. For Liberal Democrats the obvious solution is to either repair or rebuild the current bridge, plus the necessary realignment, with the installation of a temporary bridge for the duration of the works. This approach retains the essential nature of Finchingfield.

This course of action is supported by Lib Dem group on Essex County Council, but also by the Finchingfield Parish Council and local residents. Despite a community consultation supporting this plan, the current proposal by the Conservative led Essex County Council completely ignores local views and instead proposes to construct a new bridge alongside the original bridge.

This would significantly intrude into the duck pond. It would change the picturesque aspect of the area, detracting from the centre of Finchingfield, negatively affecting this major Essex attraction. Such a major change amounts to vandalism.

The Conservative led council cite cost as the determining factor. They argue that the option preferred by residents, Parish Council and Liberal Democrats would cost £200,000 more than their proposal, making it a non-starter. However, there has been a very generous offer of £100,000 towards the project. Also, many people feel that the higher estimate has been deliberately inflated.

The Conservatives appear determined to push through their current proposal and have suggested that they wish to purchase the necessary land that is currently owned by the Parish Council. The county council have even suggested that a refusal to sell would be met with a compulsory purchase order.

The Liberal Democrats will continue, as before, to oppose the council and fight for the common sense solution that is beneficial for the community and the county. Local resident Graham Sheppard will also be standing for the County Council in May for the Liberal Democrats in 'Three Fields with Great Notley' - and we urge you to give him your support to halt the Conservatives' plans.

The Conservatives have a track record of not listening to residents, however, we believe this campaign is worth fighting for and urge you to sign our petition, which you can also share with family and friends online, or via printing out a copy.

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